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Forever Fuels supplies wood pellets from the local wood pellet factory, and has multiple depots surrounding the West Midlands, providing efficient, high-grade, blown deliveries of wood pellets to different parts of the region.

Cradley Heath wood pellet factory

Intervate expanded the wood pellet production at their Cradley Heath factory in 2015, to produce ENplus A1 wood pellets.

Forever Fuels operates a 6-wheel pressurised tanker from Cradley Heath, to offer the best-quality deliveries of locally-produced wood pellets.

Forever Fuels pressurised tanker loading out at Cradley Heath

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Our bespoke wood pellet depot in Middlewich was constructed in winter and spring of 2012 and began operating in summer of 2012.

The depot incorporates many features to ensure the quality and cost-effectiveness of our wood pellet supplies. It enables us to distribute whichever source of ENplus A1 wood pellets offers the best quality, value and availability at the time, so that you can be confident that you can still obtain fuel if there is a problem with any one individual source.

Middlewich provides another option for supplying Staffordshire, Shropshire and the northern parts of Birmingham and the West Midlands conurbation (not to mention North Wales and the North West).

Filling Middlewich wood pellet depot in the snow

Our largest store, with capacity for around 6,000 tonnes of bulk wood pellets and 2,000 tonnes of bagged wood pellets, is in Avonmouth (Bristol). Our pallets of bagged wood pellets are produced on our bagging plant in the Avonmouth store.

Herefordshire and Worcestershire will often be served from Avonmouth. The rest of the region can also be served quite practically from Avonmouth when necessary.

Loading wood pellets at Avonmouth S Shed

Maidenhead and Retford

We may serve parts of the region from some of our other sites, such as Maidenhead (Berkshire) and Retford (Nottinghamshire).

Warwickshire and parts of the West Midland conurbation are a comfortable run up the M40 from Maidenhead. Likewise, sites to the north and east of Birmingham are not far down the A38 or A42/M42 from Retford.

The flexibility of multiple bases and vehicles in the region gives us the cover to ensure continuity of wood pellet supply.

We operate all sizes of bulk delivery vehicle in the region: 4-wheeler, 6-wheeler and 8-wheeler tankers, and bulkers for large (27 tonne) blown or tipped deliveries.

Forever Fuels operates the highest-specification, dedicated wood pellet delivery vehicles in the country. You can view our fleet and read more about the difference they make on our Bulk Delivery Vehicles page.

Our drivers are specialists, trained how to use these vehicles to give the best results, e.g. minimising dust and managing the speed and pressure of delivery.

Our large fleet of high-spec vehicles means that you can be confident of the quality of service you will receive from us, regardless of the repair and maintenance work that needs to be carried out on all vehicles from time to time.

Regional fleet of wood pellet tankers resting up for the evening

Quality, security and value

Our investment in depots and trucks ensures that we can offer competitive prices and a high level of service in the area. Parts of the West Midlands have suffered from lack of access to the gas grid and high heating-oil prices. We believe wood pellets are an ideal fuel for the region.

Environment and sustainability

Our investment also ensures that wood pellets are delivered as efficiently as possible into the area, with the maximum environmental benefit.

Local wood pellet prices and carbon footprints

Our spot prices for blown deliveries of wood pellets vary according to a number of factors, including location, season and quantity.

We also offer annual or multi-year contracts. We can optionally manage your fuel for you, inclusive of pellets, delivery, level-sensor and monitoring and scheduling services. And we can offer you summer/winter pricing if your store is large enough to take advantage of cheap summer deliveries. These options are likely to offer you a better deal than our basic spot price. Contact us to see how we can offer you the best deal.

Sustainable wood pellets, authorised by the Biomass Suppliers List (ID:BSL0037716-*) ENplus A1 accredited wood pellet trader (ID:UK302) Operating to ISO 9001 standard, audited by ACS Operating to ISO 14001 standard, audited by ACS Wood Heat Association member UK Pellet Council member REA Awards Winner 2015: Company of the Year