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Forever Fuels is the leading specialist wood pellet supplier in the South West of England.

Avonmouth wood pellet store

Our regional hub, with capacity for around 6,000 tonnes of bulk wood pellets and over 2,000 pallets of bagged wood pellets, is in Avonmouth (Bristol). Our pallets of bagged wood pellets are produced on our bagging plant in the Avonmouth store. Gloucestershire, Bristol/Avon, and parts of Somerset and Wiltshire will mostly be served from Avonmouth.

Discharging wood pellets at Avonmouth

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Okehampton wood pellet depot

We installed our first purpose-built wood pellet depot at Okehampton in 2011, to service Cornwall and Devon as efficiently as possible. Parts of Somerset may also be served from Okehampton.

Okehampton wood pellet depot

Andover wood pellet factory

We have been collecting wood pellets from Verdo Renewables' factory in Andover since 2011, and delivering pellets direct from the factory since 2012. Verdo were the first pellet manufacturer in the UK to achieve ENplus accreditation.

Sadly, Verdo announced in October 2016 that they will be closing their factories in Andover and Grangemouth.

Andover, Avonmouth and Okehampton share the load of supplying Wiltshire, Dorset, and Somerset.

The flexibility of multiple bases and vehicles in the region gives us the cover to ensure continuity of supply.

Forever Fuels pressurised tankers and support vehiclesWe offer deliveries in the region on 4-, 6-, and 8-wheeler pressurised tankers and a bulker-blower (for upto 27 tonne deliveries). We introduced a special baby 4-wheeler in 2016, to for the hardest-to-reach locations.

Pressurised tankers are the standard pellet delivery vehicles on the continent, because they cause the least damage to the pellets during delivery. They come equipped with full-sized suction systems for active venting (aka "dust extraction"), and Legal-for-Trade weigh-loaders so you know you have been billed for exactly the quantity delivered. They are unusual in the UK because most pellet suppliers do not want to spend the money on specialist equipment for wood pellet deliveries. Our 30 tankers represent around two-thirds of the pressurised tankers for wood pellets in the country.

Quality, security and value

Our investment in the region ensures that we can offer competitive prices and a high level of service in the area. The South-West has suffered from lack of access to the gas grid and high heating-oil prices. We believe wood pellets are an ideal fuel for the region. We are making sure that, with one fuel at least, the South-West is as well-served as the rest of the country, and not treated like a forgotten backwater.

Environment and sustainability

Our investment ensures that wood pellets are delivered as efficiently as possible into the area, with the maximum environmental benefit. Delivery trucks use more fuel and emit more carbon per tonne-mile than larger bulkers, so for deliveries further from the ports, we use bulkers to haul to local depots, so the delivery trucks have a shorter run to deliver to you.

Sustainable wood pellets, authorised by the Biomass Suppliers List (ID:BSL0037716-*) ENplus A1 accredited wood pellet trader (ID:UK302) Operating to ISO 9001 standard, audited by ACS Operating to ISO 14001 standard, audited by ACS Wood Heat Association member UK Pellet Council member REA Awards Winner 2015: Company of the Year