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Forever Fuels is a leading supplier of wood pellets in South Wales. We offer competitive prices, great quality and excellent service from our import facility in Avonmouth. Our planned depot at Capel Hendre will bring local deliveries to the western region.

Avonmouth Wood Pellet Store

Our largest store, with capacity for around 6,000 tonnes of bulk wood pellets and over 2,000 tonnes of bagged wood pellets, is in Avonmouth (Bristol). We operate everything from 4-wheeler rigid pressurised tankers to articulated bulker-blowers from Avonmouth for blown deliveries of all sizes. Our pallets of bagged wood pellets are produced on our bagging plant in the Avonmouth store. Our regional customer support and operations management teams are based in Avonmouth.


Avonmouth S Shed loading out facility

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Capel Hendre Wood Pellet Depot

Forever Fuels acquired a site in 2011 in Capel Hendre, Carmarthenshire, for the erection of one of its bespoke wood pellet depots. All preparatory work has been completed, but a series of challenges have delayed the commissioning of the plant.

When these issues are resolved, Capel Hendre will improve the logistics for supplying Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. But until then, all areas can be supplied from Avonmouth, Ruthin and Cradley Heath.


Truck and base at Capel Hendre, waiting for the depot

Wood Pellet Factories in Ruthin & Cradley Heath

We offer ENplus A1 quality wood pellets direct from the factories in Ruthin and Cradley Heath.

The Blazers wood pellet factory in Ruthin has recently changed ownership. The new owners are making a substantial investment to increase the capacity, improve its competitiveness and quality, and reduce its carbon footprint.


Intervate have been producing lower-quality wood pellets in Cradley Heath for use in their gasifiers for some time. They decided in 2015 to use the spare capacity on their pellet plants to produce modest quantities of higher-grade wood pellets. Forever Fuels supplies only their high-quality wood pellets.


For those who want to support British wood pellet manufacturers, specify the "British only" option when you request a quote or place an order, and we will give you a price for a blown delivery of British pellets direct from the factory.

Forever Fuels bulker loading wood pellets at Ruthin

Wood Pellet Delivery Vehicles

We offer the full range of wood pellet delivery vehicles in South Wales, from 4-wheelers for the tightest sites, to articulated bulker-blowers for competitively-priced deliveries to the largest customers.

We specialise in pressurised tankers, which cause less damage to the wood pellets during delivery. We offer 4-wheeler, 6-wheeler and 8-wheeler pressurised tankers for customers of all sizes who want the best quality deliveries. There is no minimum delivery size, so we can offer quality deliveries of anything from 17.5 tonnes (a full load on an 8-wheeler tanker) down to a tonne.


The bulker-blowers, like all tipper-blowers, will cause more damage to the pellets during delivery. This is the type of vehicle offered by most of our competitors for deliveries of all sizes. We only recommend this type of vehicle for larger deliveries, where the modest savings in the cost per tonne are more important than the impact on the delivered fines content.


Larger customers who would like to minimise their delivered fines and reduce the delivery time should compare the cost of a bulker-blower delivery with the cost for a full load from an 8-wheeler pressurised tanker.

4- and 6-wheeler tankers outside Avonmouth L Shed

The Local Team

Matt Langdon is one of the most longstanding members of our team. Matt joined us with experience of running his own haulage business, and is now responsible for our operations in the South, including South Wales.

Chris Staines is one of the key contacts for our customers in the region. As Transport Planner for the south, Chris schedules the blown deliveries, and liaises with customers on timings, quantities, etc.

Matt and Chris are part of a highly-experienced operations and logistics team.

Craig Leakey joined in 2016 to support our customers in the region. Our experienced Sales team will support our customers in South Wales, with Craig providing local support where site visits and local knowledge are required. Craig and the sales team will draw on the local knowledge of Philip Knight, who is based in Capel Hendre and provides customer support

Bagged pellet deliveries are largely automated, but should you need to speak to someone, Bobbie McCabe will be happy to assist, as will other members of the office team.

Our experienced driving team in the region includes Philip KnightTom Hartshorn, Richard HathawayPhil Hudson and Mike Sperring from Avonmouth and Capel Hendre. Gary Warwick makes the deliveries from Cradley Heath. Will Williamson and Mark Bond run from Ruthin when required. Matt Langdon also retains his HGV licence in case we need short-term cover.

The driving team is sometimes supplemented with contract drivers for the bulkers, but our tankers are always operated by experienced and highly-trained members of the team, to ensure that the deliveries use the optimal techniques to get the most out of the tankers and minimise fines.


Our purchase contracts for the wood pellets landed at Avonmouth require higher specifications than the ENplus A1 specification. It also requires "soft handling" to minimise the damage to the pellets on their way to Avonmouth.

The pellets are screened by our high-capacity, specialist wood pellet screening system on loading out. The 5mm mesh ensures that we do not just remove particles smaller than 3.15mm, as required by the ENplus standard, but larger fragments of wood pellet as well.

A magnet on the loading-out conveyor assures that any ferric metals that have got into the stream are removed.

A stepped platform opposite the chute that fills the trucks enables the driver to safely inspect the pellets as they are loading, take a sample, and measure the temperature, as required by ENplus (but widely flouted by the industry).

A specialist sampling port on the chute enables us to take the increments for our reference samples from the flow. This is recommended but not required by ENplus. The alternative approach - scooping the increments from the belt - normally produces a lower fines content in the sample than in the truck, because the fines fall to the floor of the belt and are not picked up by the scoop. This is the approach adopted by most suppliers - to their benefit and your disadvantage.

The clean wood pellets from Avonmouth are screened again at depots like Capel Hendre. We flush our depots' silos every five fills, to make sure that fines are not accumulating. The bellows on the loading-out chutes are connected to a suction fan and filter to remove the dust with the air as the pellets are loaded. The sampling at the depots also occurs across the flow to ensure that the reference sample is representative of the material loaded on the truck.

We offer delivery by pressurised tanker from all our sites, including Avonmouth, Capel Hendre and Cradley Heath. Pressurised tankers deliver the wood pellets more gently than other types of delivery truck.



Parts of South Wales have suffered from lack of access to the gas grid and high heating-oil prices. We believe wood pellets are an ideal fuel for the region.

Environment and sustainability

Our investment also ensures that wood pellets are delivered as efficiently as possible into the area, with the maximum environmental benefit. We have put together some carbon-footprint calculations, to illustrate the environmental benefit of wood pellets from a number of sources compared to other forms of heating, even when the pellets have to be carried over quite long distances, as they may have to be for the more remote parts of the region. The carbon footprint of wood pellets delivered to most customers in South Wales will be better than the examples given in the calculations for a hypothetical customer near Okehampton in the South-West.

Local prices and carbon footprints

Our spot prices for blown deliveries of wood pellets are calculated on the basis of a price per tonne for the pellets, plus a price per mile from the nearest Forever Fuels depot or store. We also offer annual or multi-year contracts where we manage your fuel for you, inclusive of pellets, delivery, level-sensor and monitoring and scheduling services. For many customers, the inclusive annual contract offers a better deal than our basic spot price, so do contact our local representative (see above right) to see how we can offer you the best deal.

Sustainable wood pellets, authorised by the Biomass Suppliers List (ID:BSL0037716-*) ENplus A1 accredited wood pellet trader (ID:UK302) Operating to ISO 9001 standard, audited by ACS Operating to ISO 14001 standard, audited by ACS Wood Heat Association member UK Pellet Council member REA Awards Winner 2015: Company of the Year