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The South East of England is a key market for Forever Fuels. Our investment in infrastructure in the South-East has supported rapid growth in the wood pellet market in the region.

Maidenhead wood pellet depot

Our Maidenhead depot puts us as close as possible to London and the Home Counties (Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Oxfordshire and parts of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire). The wood pellets are delivered to Maidenhead by bulk tipper from a variety of sources (Avonmouth or Ingham and until recently Andover, see below). By taking the wood pellets as close to market in the largest practical haulage vehicle, and minimising the distance travelled on the final leg in the specialist pellet-blower vehicles (which are smaller, less efficient, and more expensive than bulk haulage), we keep the cost and carbon footprint as low as possible for our customers.

The wood pellets are usually screened before they are brought to Maidenhead, but in any case, Maidenhead is equipped with a fines screen, suction dust extraction and a magnet, to ensure that the pellets are as clean as possible when they leave the depot.

Maidenhead wood pellet depot

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Andover wood pellet factory

Forever Fuels has delivered wood pellets from Verdo Renewables' pellet factory in Andover since it opened in 2011.

Unfortunately, Verdo announced in October 2016 that they were closing their pellet factories in Andover and Grangemouth. It is sad to lose the only quality pellet factory in the south, but it highlights the importance of having multiple operating centres to ensure continuity of supply. Most other pellet suppliers in the south are dependent on Andover, and will have to haul much longer distances, if they continue to supply the market at all.

Other stores

Our largest store, with capacity for around 6,000 tonnes of bulk wood pellets and 2,000 tonnes of bagged wood pellets, is in Avonmouth (Bristol). Our pallets of bagged wood pellets are produced on our bagging plant in the Avonmouth store. Some deliveries in the west of the region may be supplied from Avonmouth. It is close enough down the M4 to provide backup if Maidenhead is struggling to keep up with demand (and vice versa).

Our depot in Newmarket (Cambridge) was completed in July 2012. Newmarket is well-placed to supply Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Essex, as well as East Anglia and parts of the East Midlands. It was reinforced in summer 2016 with the opening of the import facility at Ingham, which reduces the cost of pellets distributed from East Anglia.The flexibility of multiple bases and vehicles in the region gives us the cover to ensure continuity of supply.

Wood pellet delivery vehicles

For blown wood pellets, we operate 4- and 6-wheeler pressurised tankers from Maidenhead. They have low-emission engines suitable (and certified) for use in urban settings.

We also operate 4-, 6- and 8-wheeler tankers from Avonmouth and Newmarket, and a bulker-blower (for deliveries of upto 27 tonnes) from Avonmouth.

All our pneumatic tankers are equipped to the highest specification, for the best customer experience, including:

  • low-abrasion blowing and pipes,
  • full-size suction system for active venting ("dust extraction", although its main purpose is for pressure equalisation in your store to avoid damage),
  • Legal for Trade weigh loaders for accurate billing,
  • low-emission engines for urban deliveries, and
  • rear-steer or lifting rear axle on our 6-wheelers for accessibility or 4-wheelers for the ultimate manoeuvrability.
Forever Fuels wood pellet tankers in Maidenhead

Quality, security and value

Our investment in the region ensures that we can offer competitive prices and a high level of service in the area. Wood pellet boilers are one of the best ways to achieve a low carbon footprint in property developments. The strong drive for low- and even zero-carbon development in the South-East is spurring demand for wood pellets. Our investment ensures that top-quality wood pellets will be available for these developments.

Environment and sustainability

Our investment also ensures that wood pellets are delivered as efficiently as possible into the area, with the maximum environmental benefit. With the closure of the only wood pellet factory in the south (at Andover), all pellets will have to be brought into the area.

Efficient distribution will be key to minimising the carbon footprint of your wood pellets. Forever Fuels is the only pellet supplier in the South-East with a dedicated wood pellet depot, to support efficient distribution and local deliveries.

Local prices

Our spot prices vary according to season, location, and market rates for wood pellets.

We also offer annual or multi-year contracts. If you have a large enough store to take the majority of your pellets in summer, we offer summer/winter-priced contracts for discount pricing outside the heating season. For convenience, we can manage your fuel for you, with a contract inclusive of pellets, delivery, level-sensor and monitoring and scheduling services.

These options are likely to offer you a better deal than our basic spot price. Contact us to see how we can offer you the best deal.

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