Wood Pellet Top-Up Service | Forever Fuels

What is the top-up service?

When we are sending a tanker out that isn't full, we send an email out to customers in the area the tanker is in, offering them pellets at a price that is lower than the price for a small scheduled delivery.  Sending a tanker out full makes us more efficient and we can pass on those efficiencies to our customers.

The service is ideal for those that have small stores (typically 4 tonnes and under) as the price will be cheaper than ordering a full load.

How does the top-up service work?

If you are not already a customer of Forever Fuels you will need to register with us here: dms.forever-fuels.com

If you are already a customer of Forever Fuels there is no need to register, but you will need to make sure that your account is marked as participating in the top-up scheme.

Once you have registered with us we will send you notification and price by email when one of our wood pellet tankers will be in your area and has a little spare onboard.

If you are interested, follow the link in the email notification to register your interest and tell us roughly how much you think you could take. Or let us know by email or phone, and we will record your interest.

You will not be bound to take the requested amount, and conversely we do not guarantee to make that amount available to you. The flat price per tonne means that it will not cost you any extra per tonne if we cannot offer as much as you would like.

There may be other customers interested in these pellets. Allocation of the pellets will be entirely at our discretion. If you have requested a delivery, you will receive an email in due course, notifying you whether we have allocated pellets to you on this run. If you no longer want them, please let us know so that we can allocate them to another customer. Otherwise, the order will be treated as confirmed and our standard aborted-delivery charge will apply if you cannot accept it.

What if I am not successful?

If you are not allocated any pellets and you need a delivery ASAP it is advisable to place your usual order as we cannot guarantee that we will be in your area again soon with spare capacity.

How much does it cost?

The price will vary throughout the year and will always be stated in the round robin email notification.

How do you bill me for this service?

To be able to deliver part loads Forever Fuels invested in weigh-loaders certified by Trading Standards as Legal for Trade (otherwise we would have to go over a weigh bridge before and after deliverying to you!).  Our weigh loaders have gone through rigorous tests to ensure that they give accurate readings across the range of measurements.  They receive a certificate and a sticker to show that they are sufficiently accurate to be used for charging customers and to prevent any tampering with the settings.

Our drivers will complete an online delivery report form after finishing the delivery, entering the amount delivered according to the weigh-loader ticket which is then used to generate an invoice.  You will receive the invoice in 2-3 working days from delivery. A copy of the weigh ticket will also be left with you and you will receive a delivery report form by email which also references the BSL number you need to claim the RHI.  Payment terms are 30 days from invoice.

For more information on our Legal for Trade weigh-loaders please see: http://www.forever-fuels.com/content/wood-pellets-getting-what-you-pay or watch the video below:

If you have any questions or queries about our top up service please do not hesitate to contact us on 01628 509690 or at sales@forever-fuels.com

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