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Forever Fuels mainly uses pressurised tankers for delivering wood pellets. We only use unpressurised systems for the largest deliveries, where a marginal saving in cost is more important than the many disadvantages of unpressurised systems, because large boilers tend to be more robust and less vulnerable to quality problems.

Our fleet of 32 pressurised tankers (see below) represents somewhere between two-thirds and three-quarters of all the pressurised tankers used for wood pellet deliveries in the UK.

Pressurised tankers are the standard system used for delivering wood pellets in countries like Germany, Sweden and Austria, where they have many more years of experience and much larger markets for wood pellets than the UK.

Forever Fuels sucker/blower pressurised tanker

Unpressurised systems (such as tipper-blowers) are not common in experienced pellet markets. They are mainly found in markets with less experience of wood pellets for heating, such as the UK and France, largely because secondhand 8-wheelers from the animal-feed industry require less upfront investment and can more easily be used for other purposes in summer.

There are a number of reasons why pressurised tankers are preferred in countries that know about these things. Click any of the items below to learn more.

Forever Fuels has the vast majority of the pressurised tankers dedicated to wood pellet deliveries in the UK. We have fleets of tankers in each region of mainland Britain. If you want a tanker delivery, we are the only wood pellet supplier who can guarantee it across the country.

Our pressurised tankers:

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