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Forever Fuels supplies top-quality wood pellets. You can find the detailed specification for our wood pellets here.

ENplus / EN 14961-2 / ISO 17225-2 A1 Quality

Our wood pellets comply with the A1 specification, and our procedures comply with the requirements, in:

Many other suppliers will claim to offer wood pellets to these specifications and requirements. The standards are unfortunately inadequate. Compliance with the A1 specification in the standards and ENplus accreditation is necessary but not sufficient for most customers. In other words, if a supplier can't comply with even these limited constraints, then you should have serious doubts about their capabilities, but there will be big differences between compliant suppliers because these standards only set a baseline.

Quality Management

For many wood pellet suppliers, quality accreditation is a tickbox exercise, aiming to do just enough to meet the minimal requirements to be certified. At Forever Fuels, we understand that quality is:

(a) a process and mindset of continual care and improvement, not a set of product characteristics, and

(b) critical to a satisfactory experience for our customers.

We therefore go beyond the requirements of the biomass standards, implementing whatever measures we believe are necessary to manage the quality properly.

We have developed an Integrated Management System (IMS), which sets out how we operate to achieve the best quality and environmental results. The IMS is Integrated because our procedures combine the requirements of a Quality Management System and an Environmental Management System within our standard procedures, so that quality and environmental considerations are not add-ons and after-thoughts, but built-in to our everyday operations.

ISO 9001

Our IMS is certified and annually audited to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 (the international standard for Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001 (the international standard for Environmental Management Systems).


Our wood pellets are certified on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL). Many people think this implies some sort of quality-approval by the UK government. They are wrong.

The BSL does not certify quality. Their website states (as of late 2016):

BSL fuels are NOT assessed for fuel quality as this is not a core requirement of the RHI.

The BSL Administrators are rightly clear that BSL certification means that the fuels:

have been authorised because they meet the sustainability and legality requirements of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme

It is natural to search for fuel on the BSL website, because you want to be sure that your fuel will be eligible for RHI. If you also want good-quality fuel, you should (as a minimum) tick the "ENplus" and "pellets" boxes, to ensure that the fuel is both ENplus-accredited and eligible for RHI. However, you should not assume that ENplus accreditation is sufficient to guarantee quality fuel, for the reasons summarised above and set out in detail on our page on the ENplus Rules for Traders. You should create a shortlist from the ENplus-certified companies listed by the BSL website, and then compare what the contenders actually do about quality.

Sustainable wood pellets, authorised by the Biomass Suppliers List (ID:BSL0037716-*) ENplus A1 accredited wood pellet trader (ID:UK302) Operating to ISO 9001 standard, audited by ACS Operating to ISO 14001 standard, audited by ACS Wood Heat Association member UK Pellet Council member REA Awards Winner 2015: Company of the Year