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Our wood pellet prices depend on whether you require:

  • bulk wood pellets (loose, delivered by a blower lorry) or

  • bagged wood pellets (12.5 kg bags, by the pallet).

For more details, click the link above for the type of supply option that you need.

Prices in quotes for bulk deliveries exclude VAT. As prices may change more frequently than we update this website, any prices shown on this site are illustrative and not binding. You can use our online form to request an accurate, current quote.

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Future prices

Like any fuel, the price of wood pellets may change in the future. Wood pellet prices have historically been more stable than prices for gas, oil and electricity. As a sustainable fuel (i.e. one that isn't likely to run out in the future) that is likely to remain the case. Our wood pellets are produced from sustainable forests where the trees are growing back at least as fast as they are being harvested.

We have provided a brief analysis of where wood pellet prices might go after 2016 on this site. Older but more detailed analysis on the prospect for prices is available at the Wood Pellet Information Resource website. All predictions are ultimately just a guess - if you are buying spot (i.e. one-off), there are no guarantees.

If you want to reduce the risk of future price-increases, we can offer you multi-year contracts, indexed on a simple basis. Multi-year contract prices will initially be higher than shorter-term prices, and may remain so if spot prices do not go up at the rate that we anticipate.

Cancellation and rescheduling

You may cancel or request rescheduling of a delivery (bulk or bagged) at any time prior to the scheduled delivery date. If you cancel or request rescheduling within 2 working days of the scheduled delivery date, you will be liable to pay a Cancellation Charge of £50, regardless of whether we reschedule the delivery (see our Terms & Conditions for details).


Quoted prices for bulk wood pellets exclude VAT. Prices for bagged wood pellets on our online shop include VAT. VAT is charged at the reduced rate where applicable (e.g. 5% for wood pellets for direct heating-use, i.e. not for re-sale, at time of writing), and at the standard rate (20%, at time of writing) for all other prices.


Forever Fuels reserves the right to vary our prices (other than those subject to contract) at any time, or to refuse to supply any customer at any location, at our own discretion. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all orders are subject to our Terms & Conditions (summarised here, with full Ts&Cs available for download from there), which will be the only Terms & Conditions that apply to the transaction.

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