Wood Pellet Deliveries - As Much Or As Little As You Like | Forever Fuels

Some wood pellet suppliers have a minimum delivery-size for blown deliveries. They will not make blown deliveries to smaller customers.

But smaller customers, without the manpower to handle the fuel manually, may value the convenience of blown deliveries particularly highly.

Where pellet suppliers set a flat price regardless of location and delivery-size, they can't afford to do deliveries below a certain size, because it is more expensive to do a smaller delivery than a larger one. A large part of the cost is in the haulage and the labour, and that is almost as high for a 2-tonne delivery as for a 10-tonne delivery.

Smarter pricing for blown wood pellet deliveries of any size

At Forever Fuels, we believe that it is important to give smaller customers the option of blown deliveries. By pricing in a way that reflects costs more closely, we can offer blown deliveries to all wood pellet users, large and small.

Our standard prices are calculated on a sophisticated formula that takes account of your location relative to our depots, the size of your order, the time of year, and any special requirements you might have (e.g. 4-wheeler delivery, early delivery, clean-out with the delivery, British pellets only, etc).

That means, if you live a long way from our nearest depot and want a small blown delivery, it will be expensive, but we will do it if you are willing to pay for it.

If you live close to one of our depots and want a small blown delivery, it may not even cost you that much. And that reflects the reality, because we can probably deliver you a tonne or two on our way back to the depot from time to time.

Savings, simplicity and security with an inclusive wood pellet supply contract

If you work with us, we have ways of reducing the cost of blown deliveries, even if you need small deliveries far from our nearest depot.

If you need several small blown deliveries a year to a site that is not close to one of our depots, you should look at a monitored contract. If you install a fuel-level monitoring system (e.g. Mesima/DELOX, Schellinger Sonavis, VEGA or ISTA) and give us access to the data, we will monitor your fuel for you and organise top-ups (a) when we are in your area, and (b) before you run out.

We will build our estimated efficiencies from being able to combine your deliveries with others, into a flat price per tonne. This option gives you certainty of supply and price, and takes the hassle out of managing your fuel.

Sign up for our Top-Up Service - piggyback on our larger wood pellet customers

If you only need a few deliveries per year, the logistical benefits from a level sensor may not cover its cost. You may still choose to take a monitored contract for the convenience and confidence, but you may prefer to save the money.

In that case, we can offer a cheaper ad hoc option: our Top-Up Service. Let us know that you'd like to be put on our list for notification when we are doing deliveries in your area. If we've got spare capacity on the truck, we'll let you know and offer you (on a first-come-first-served basis) a fixed price per tonne to deliver as much as you can take from however much we have to spare.

You are under no obligation to accept our top-up offers, and we make no guarantees of quantity, availability or price with this arrangement. We'll give you the option as it comes up, priced according to the circumstances, and it's up to you whether to take it.

Investing for flexibility

Even if they priced smarter, our competitors would have difficulty offering what we offer legally. These arrangements rely on our investment in essential infrastructure.

One reason that we can cater to small deliveries is that we have Legal for Trade weigh-loaders on our pressurised tankers, so we can legally and accurately deliver part-loads, even small ones.

Another reason is our large network of depots and trucks. It is relatively easy to spare a couple of tonnes at the end of a delivery, because we normally don't have to go that far to refill.

We introduced into the UK the first level sensor designed specifically for wood pellets: the Mesima (formerly DELOX) system. This enabled us to offer a monitored contract, making wood pellet heating as easy as conventional fuels for the first time. Nowadays, there are more options. We should be able to work with any monitoring system so long as you can give us access to the data.

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