Wood Pellet Delivery Trucks | Forever Fuels

Forever Fuels operates the highest-specification, dedicated wood pellet delivery vehicles in the country:

  • We run tankers rather than tippersĀ to moveĀ the wood pellets more gently (the pellets encounter no moving parts on a tanker, whereas they are ground by a rotary valve and a pair of augers on a tipper), and also required less overhead clearance on delivery.
  • We run 6-wheel and a few 4-wheel trucks to give a better chance of accessing awkward sites than the converted 8-wheel animal-feed tippers used by many of our competitors. Most of our 6-wheelers are equipped with rear-steer or lifting rear-axle for additional manoeuvrability. All our tankers are equipped with suction systems for dust extraction and (more importantly) pressure equalisation in your fuel store. Your store must have an outlet with a Storz 110A flange and a power socket available for us to plug the extractor into, in order to take advantage of this facility.
  • All our pressurised tankers are equipped with Legal for Trade weigh loaders so you can be confident that you have been charged for exactly what you received (to an accuracy of 20kg) when we bill you according to the measurements on our weigh-loaders. Because of potential inaccuracies and over-charging, it is against Trading Standards regulations to bill customers according to the readings from weigh-loaders that are not Legal for Trade, as most of our competitors' weigh-loaders are not.
  • Our drivers are specialists, trained how to use these vehicles to give the best results, e.g. minimising dust and managing the speed and pressure of delivery.

Our large fleet of high-spec vehicles means that you can be confident of the quality of service you will receive from us, regardless of the repair and maintenance work that needs to be carried out on all vehicles from time to time.

Sustainable wood pellets, authorised by the Biomass Suppliers List (ID:BSL0037716-*) ENplus A1 accredited wood pellet trader (ID:UK302) Operating to ISO 9001 standard, audited by ACS Operating to ISO 14001 standard, audited by ACS Wood Heat Association member UK Pellet Council member REA Awards Winner 2015: Company of the Year