Forever Fuels launch FREE fuel store refill reminder service | Forever Fuels

Forever Fuels are pleased to announce we have launched a FREE wood pellet fuel store refill reminder service for our customers.

With many wood pellet stores not having sufficient viewing windows or suitable access hatches it can be hard for customers to judge how much fuel is in their stores until it has nearly ran out! The aim of the courtesy service is to help our customers in monitoring their fuel level and order in plenty of time.  

From today customers will automatically receive reminders by text and email but can opt out of either option or the service at anytime.


Many factors may affect your fuel usage in ways that we cannot realistically estimate based on the information available to us so you should not rely on them.

It is your responsibility to monitor your fuel levels, and to order your refill as required. This service does not imply that Forever Fuels has any responsibility to help you order the right quantity at the right time. We have estimated what your fuel usage might be, but only you can check what it actually is.

You should not wait until you receive this notification before checking your fuel level. If you do, you may be using your fuel faster than we estimate, and you may run out. That is your responsibility.

You should not assume that your fuel level is low simply because we have estimated that you may need a refill. You may be using your fuel slower than we estimate, in which case you will have more left in the store than we expect. If so, you will not be able to take as much as you ordered, which will increase your cost per tonne. And you will not have complied with the ENplus requirement to reduce your fill level below 10% before the delivery, and will therefore not benefit from the ENplus assurance on the delivered fines level.

When you are estimating how far in advance you need to order, you should remember that our lead-times will vary, and may be as long as 2-3 weeks in high season. You can ring us for an estimate of our current lead-times, but we do not guarantee that those lead-times will apply to your delivery. We may get a rush of orders after you speak to us, a truck may break down, or a driver may be taken ill. The lead-time will be whatever our Transport Planner proposes after you place your order. If you don't like the proposed date, you can reject it, and if no acceptable date can be agreed, you can cancel the order without cost or obligation, provided you do not leave it too late before the delivery date.

If in doubt, get your order in nice and early, and then reject our proposed delivery dates until you know you need the delivery. If you do,you can help yourself and us if you give us your best estimate of when you think you might need the delivery, so we don't keep bothering you with proposed delivery dates long before you are likely to need them. This does not tie you to anything. You can always let us know if your requirements change. Our online ordering system allows you to indicate the approximate date you would like the delivery, without committing either you or us to delivery on that exact date.

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