Wood pellets in the West Midlands

Forever Fuels has multiple depots surrounding the West Midlands, providing efficient, high-grade, blown deliveries of wood pellets to different parts of the region.

Middlewich wood pellet depot

Our bespoke wood pellet depot in Middlewich was constructed in winter and spring of 2012 and began operating in summer of 2012.

The depot incorporates many features to ensure the quality and cost-effectiveness of our wood pellet supplies, as we explain on a separate page on this bespoke design.

Like our other sites, the Middlewich depot is dedicated to A1-grade wood pellets, accredited under the European wood pellet accreditation scheme, ENplus. The hopper holds nothing but ENplus-A1 wood pellets, the trucks carry nothing but ENplus-A1 wood pellets, and the staff are trained and focused on all the requirements to give the best service to wood pellet customers.

With this depot, we will be able to supply wood pellets efficiently and competitively to Staffordshire, Shropshire and the northern parts of Birmingham and the West Midlands conurbation (not to mention North Wales and the North West).

Avonmouth wood pellet store

Our largest store, with capacity for nearly 4,000 tonnes of bulk wood pellets and over 1,000 tonnes of bagged wood pellets, is in Avonmouth (Bristol). Our 1-tonne pallets of bagged wood pellets are produced on our bagging plant in the Avonmouth store. Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and parts of Warwickshire and the West Midlands conurbation will generally be served from Avonmouth. The rest of the region can also be served quite practically from Avonmouth when necessary.

Maidenhead, Retford and Ruthin

We may serve parts of the region from three of our other sites, in Maidenhead (Berkshire), Retford (Nottinghamshire) and Ruthin (Denbighshire).

Warwickshire and parts of the West Midland conurbation are a comfortable run up the M40 from Maidenhead. Likewise, Birmingham and sites to the north (Staffordshire and Shropshire) and east (Coventry, Nuneaton, Tamworth, Burton upon Trent, etc.) of the region are not far down the A38 or A42/M42 from Retford.

Ruthin is generally not as close to the West Midlands as the other sites, but for larger deliveries it may be more cost-effective to run direct from Clifford Jones' factory in Ruthin (or in the south of the region, from Verdo's factory in Andover). We have an artic tipper-blower at Ruthin, with a payload of around 26 tonnes, for those who can take full loads of that size and who can trade increased levels of fines (from the use of a tipper blower) for a lower cost per tonne.

Deliveries by tipper-blower are not to the ENplus standard, and should only be ordered for wood pellet systems designed to handle a more industrial service. We recommend our pressurised tankers with all the ENplus features for most small- and medium-sized wood pellet boilers.

The flexibility of multiple bases and vehicles in the region gives us the cover to ensure continuity of wood pellet supply.

Wood pellet delivery vehicles

We are operating a 6-wheel pressurised tanker from Middlewich and Ruthin and an artic tipper-blower from Ruthin. We are operating 2 delivery vehicles out of Avonmouth: 6-wheel and 4-wheel pneumatic tankers. We operate 6-wheel and 4-wheel tankers out of Maidenhead, and 4-wheel and 6-wheel tankers and an 8-wheel tipper out of Retford.

With the 4-wheelers and the rear-steer 6-wheelers, we offer the most manoeuvrable vehicles of any wood pellet supplier, with the ability to gain access to relatively inaccessible sites, such as may be found in many of the more rural or tighter urban locations in the region.

Forever Fuels operates the highest-specification, dedicated wood pellet delivery vehicles in the country.

  • We run tankers rather than tippers because it treats the wood pellets more gently (the pellets encounter no moving parts on a tanker, whereas they are ground by a rotary valve and a pair of augers on a tipper), and also required less overhead clearance on delivery
  • We run 6-wheel and a few 4-wheel trucks to give a better chance of accessing awkward sites than the converted 8-wheel animal-feed tippers used by many of our competitors. Most of our 6-wheelers are equipped with rear-steer or lifting rear-axle for additional manoeuvrability.
  • All our tankers are equipped with suction systems for dust extraction and (more importantly) pressure equalisation in your fuel store. Your store must have an outlet with a Storz 110A flange and a power socket available for us to plug the extractor into, in order to take advantage of this facility.
  • All our pressurised tankers are equipped with Legal for Trade weigh loaders so you can be confident that you have been charged for exactly what you received (to an accuracy of 20kg) when we bill you according to the measurements on our weigh-loaders. Because of potential inaccuracies and over-charging, it is against Trading Standards regulations to bill customers according to the readings from weigh-loaders that are not Legal for Trade, as most of our competitors' weigh-loaders are not.

Our drivers are specialists, trained how to use these vehicles to give the best results, e.g. minimising dust and managing the speed and pressure of delivery.

To our knowledge, there was only one other wood pellet delivery vehicle in the country equipped to this standard, as of Jan 2012. Our large fleet of high-spec vehicles means that you can be confident of the quality of service you will receive from us, regardless of the repair and maintenance work that needs to be carried out on all vehicles from time to time.

Local production (where our wood pellets are sourced from)

There is no substantial producer of virgin-fibre wood pellets within the West Midlands region. However, there are two significant producers not too far away: Verdo Renewables in Andover (Hampshire) and Clifford Jones Timber in Ruthin (Denbighshire). Both these wood pellet producers produce ENplus-A1 quality wood pellets. ENplus is the European wood pellet accreditation scheme, and A1 is the highest standard offered under ENplus.

As of late 2012, we supply only British wood pellets. However, it is important for security and value that we retain the ability to bring wood pellets from elsewhere if they are needed, for instance if there is an interruption to production at one of the British factories, or if demand starts to rise towards the level of production. The strategic locations of our stores mean that we retain the ability to import wood pellets should it be necessary to meet our requirements for quality and quantity. But currently, there are sufficient high-grade British wood pellets to meet national demand.

We won't compromise on quality and price in order to secure local supply for our customers in the West Midlands. Our customers have the security of our large stock of high-grade wood pellets at Avonmouth and Retford.

Quality, security and value

Our investment in depots and trucks ensures that we can offer competitive prices and a high level of service in the area. Parts of the West Midlands have suffered from lack of access to the gas grid and high heating-oil prices. We believe wood pellets are an ideal fuel for the region.

Environment and sustainability

Our investment also ensures that wood pellets are delivered as efficiently as possible into the area, with the maximum environmental benefit. We have put together some carbon-footprint calculations, to illustrate the environmental benefit of wood pellets from a number of sources compared to other forms of heating, even when the pellets have to be carried over quite long distances, as they may have to be for the more remote parts of the region. The carbon footprint of wood pellets delivered to most customers in the West Midlands will be better than the examples given in the calculations for a hypothetical customer near Okehampton in the South-West.

Local wood pellet prices and carbon footprints

Our spot prices for blown deliveries of wood pellets are calculated on the basis of a price per tonne for the pellets, plus a price per mile from the nearest Forever Fuels depot or store. We also offer annual or multi-year contracts where we manage your fuel for you, inclusive of pellets, delivery, level-sensor and monitoring and scheduling services. These options are likely to offer you a better deal than our basic spot price, so do contact our local representative (see above right) to see how we can offer you the best deal.

But, for your convenience, we have put together below a few indicative figures based on our spot prices for some of the major towns in the area.

Town Post code Nearest depot Delivery cost Delivered price for 10 tonnes Carbon footprint (kgCO2 /MWh)
Location Distance (miles) (£/tonne) (p/kWh)
Bridgnorth, Shrops.WV15Middlewich59.2£23?.??£21?.??4.429.36
Burton upon Trent, Staffs.DE14Middlewich54.5£21?.??£20?.??4.429.07
Church Stretton, Shrops.SY6Ruthin56.8£22?.??£20?.??4.324.42
Evesham, Worcs.WR11Avonmouth66.2£24?.??£20?.??4.468.59
Kidderminster, Worcs.DY10Middlewich71.3£25?.??£21?.??4.430.13
Ledbury, Herefs.HR8Avonmouth49.8£20?.??£20?.??4.367.55
Leek, Staffs.ST13Middlewich24.5£15?.??£20?.??4.227.17
Leominster, Herefs.HR6Avonmouth64.7£24?.??£20?.??4.468.49
Lichfield, Staffs.WS13Middlewich55.0£22?.??£20?.??4.429.10
Ludlow, Shrops.SY8Ruthin72.4£25?.??£21?.??4.425.40
Market Drayton, Shrops.TF9Middlewich26.1£15?.??£20?.??4.227.27
Nuneaton, Warws.CV10Retford76.1£26?.??£21?.??4.567.30
Oswestry, Shrops.SY10Ruthin26.1£15?.??£20?.??4.222.48
Redditch, Worcs.B96Avonmouth76.7£26?.??£21?.??4.469.25
Ross-on-Wye, Herefs.HR9Avonmouth36.8£18?.??£20?.??4.266.73
Rugby, Warws.CV21Maidenhead79.4£27?.??£21?.??4.568.74
Shipston-on-Stour, Warws.CV36Maidenhead68.4£25?.??£21?.??4.568.05
Shrewsbury, Shrops.SY1Middlewich44.1£19?.??£20?.??4.328.41
Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.ST4Middlewich22.6£14?.??£20?.??4.227.05
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warws.CV37Maidenhead78.8£27?.??£21?.??4.568.71
Sutton ColdfieldB72Middlewich64.8£24?.??£21?.??4.429.72
Tamworth, Staffs.B77Middlewich64.8£24?.??£21?.??4.429.72
Telford, Shrops.TF1Middlewich43.1£19?.??£20?.??4.328.35
Uttoxeter, Staffs.ST14Middlewich40.0£18?.??£20?.??4.328.15
Warmington, Warws.OX17Maidenhead57.2£22?.??£21?.??4.467.34
West BromwichB70Middlewich63.2£23?.??£21?.??4.429.61
Wolverhampton, Warws.WV1Middlewich55.8£22?.??£20?.??4.429.15

See our page on carbon footprints to see how these figures compare with other heating fuels. In summary, the carbon footprint of wood pellets delivered to anywhere within the region is an order of magnitude lower than the carbon footprint of any fossil-fuel or electricity for heating.