Wood pellets in the East Midlands

The East Midlands is the origin and core of Forever Fuels' business. Led by Nottinghamshire County Council, the region has been at the forefront of promoting wood pellet heating, and Forever Fuels is proud to have been involved in that effort. We supply several thousand tonnes of wood pellets a year in the region, including over 50 schools in Notts. We will continue to invest to bring to the region the best quality wood pellets at competitive prices.

Retford store

Our store in Retford (Notts.) holds around 1,500 tonnes of wood pellets. This enables us to lay in enough stock in summer to give our customers the confidence that supplies will continue to be available throughout the winter, and will not be dependent on production and prices in peak heating season.

Like all our stores, our wood pellets at Retford are screened and vacuumed as part of the process of loading the delivery vehicles, to remove fines and dust respectively.

Other stores

Our Middlewich depot (Cheshire) is well-placed to serve the western parts of the region, like Buxton and Ashbourne in Derbyshire, from the start of 2012.

We will generally serve the southernmost parts of the region (roughly from Northampton southwards) from our wood pellet depot in Maidenhead (Berkshire).

If we need additional resources to supply peaks of demand in the area, our biggest store (in Avonmouth, Bristol) is only around 130 miles from Leicester (for example).

Other depots, such as Newmarket and Darlington, are within an easy drive of the region, should we need further backup for Retford, Maidenhead and Middlewich. Newmarket is within 60 miles of parts of Lincs., Leics. and Northants. The flexibility of multiple bases and vehicles gives us the cover to ensure continuity of supply.

Delivery vehicles

We are operating 3 wood pellet delivery vehicles out of Retford – a 6-wheel tanker (14-tonne loads), a 4-wheel tanker (10-tonne loads) and an 8-wheel tipper-blower (18 tonnes). We operate 4-wheel and 6-wheel tankers out of Maidenhead, and a 6-wheel tanker out of Middlewich. The 15 tankers and 3 tippers in the fleet ensure that we have plenty of capacity to meet demand and provide resilience against failure of individual trucks and depots. We will expand the fleet as required to keep up with the growing demand. We have more dedicated, wood pellet tankers for top-quality deliveries than all our competitors combined.

We have Legal for Trade weigh-loaders on vehicles at all the sites, enabling us to make accurate and legal part-load deliveries for smaller customers in the region.

To ensure the best quality of delivery, trucks at every depot are equipped with suction systems to remove dust and equalise the pressure during delivery.

With the 4-wheelers and rear-steer or lifting-axle 6-wheelers, we offer the most manoeuvrable vehicles of any wood pellet supplier, with the ability to gain access to relatively inaccessible sites, such as may be found in many of the more rural or tighter urban locations in the region.

Where our wood pellets come from

When we first took over the supply of wood pellets in the area, we brought in Swedish wood pellets to ensure that we could supply a good-quality product, following our predecessor's problems with the unreliable quality of British producers at the time.

The quality of wood pellets from some British producers has improved to the point that we are happy to offer wood pellets from the best British producers.

At our various stores and depots, including those that serve the East Midlands, we are now stocking 6mm wood pellets from the best British wood pellet producers, such as Verdo Renewables in Andover and Grangemouth, Clifford Jones (Blazers) in Ruthin, and Land Energy in Girvan. Their wood pellets and production methods are accredited as top-quality (ENplus-A1). ENplus is the European wood pellet accreditation scheme exceeding the old, national quality schemes, such as DINplus and ÖNorm.

We remain interested to source local wood pellets. But we will not compromise on quality and reliability in order to secure local supply for our customers in the East Midlands. Our customers will continue to have the security of our large stock of high-grade wood pellets.

Quality, security and value

Our investment in the region ensures that we can offer competitive prices and a high level of service in the area. Parts of the East Midlands have suffered from lack of access to the gas grid and high heating-oil prices. We believe wood pellets are an ideal fuel for the region.

Environment and sustainability

Our investment also ensures that wood pellets are delivered as efficiently as possible into the area, with the maximum environmental benefit. We have put together some carbon-footprint calculations, to illustrate the environmental benefit of wood pellets from a number of sources compared to other forms of heating, even when the pellets have to be carried over quite long distances, as they may have to be for the more remote parts of the region.

Local prices and carbon footprints

Our spot prices for blown wood pellet deliveries are calculated on the basis of a price per tonne for the pellets, plus a price per mile from the nearest Forever Fuels depot or store. We also offer annual or multi-year contracts where we manage your fuel for you, inclusive of pellets, delivery, level-sensor and monitoring and scheduling services. These options are likely to offer you a better deal than our basic spot price, so do contact our local representative (see above right) to see how we can offer you the best deal.

But, for your convenience, we have put together below a few indicative figures based on our spot prices for some of the major towns in the area.

Town Post code Nearest depot Delivery cost Delivered price for 10 tonnes Carbon footprint (kgCO2 /MWh)
Location Distance (miles) (£/tonne) (p/kWh)
Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.LE65Retford57.9£22?.??£21?.??4.466.15
Boston, Lincs.PE20Retford55.7£22?.??£21?.??4.466.02
Brackley, Northants.NN13Maidenhead50.5£21?.??£21?.??4.466.92
Buxton, Derbys.SK17Middlewich30.7£16?.??£20?.??4.227.56
Chesterfield, Derbys.S40Retford28.9£16?.??£20?.??4.364.32
Corby, Northants.NN17Newmarket64.3£24?.??£21?.??4.570.31
Daventry, Northants.NN11Maidenhead67.4£24?.??£21?.??4.567.99
Glossop, Derbys.SK13Middlewich34.5£17?.??£20?.??4.327.80
Grantham, Lincs.NG31Retford39.3£18?.??£20?.??4.364.98
Grimsby, HumbersideDN31Retford49.3£20?.??£20?.??4.465.61
Mansfield, Notts.NG18Retford21.7£14?.??£20?.??4.263.87
Melton Mowbray, Leics.LE13Retford49.2£20?.??£20?.??4.465.61
Newark-on-Trent, Notts.NG22Retford13.7£13?.??£20?.??4.263.36
Retford, Notts.DN22Retford1.0£10?.??£19?.??4.162.56
Rushden, Northants.NN10Newmarket55.5£22?.??£21?.??4.469.75
Scunthorpe, HumbersideDN15Retford29.8£16?.??£20?.??4.364.38
Skegness, Lincs.PE24Retford64.4£24?.??£21?.??4.466.57
Spalding, Lincs.PE11Newmarket59.8£23?.??£21?.??4.470.02
Stamford, Lincs.PE9Newmarket61.2£23?.??£21?.??4.470.11
Worksop, Notts.S80Retford12.7£12?.??£20?.??4.263.30

See our page on carbon footprints to see how these figures compare with other heating fuels. In summary, the carbon footprint of wood pellets delivered to anywhere within the region is an order of magnitude lower than the carbon footprint of any fossil-fuel or electricity for heating.