Wood Pellet Quality

Forever Fuels supplies top-quality wood pellets. You can find the detailed specification for our wood pellets here. In short, they comply with:

  • the A1 specification in the latest draft of the European standard (EN 14961-2)
  • DINplus (according to DIN 51731)
  • ÖNorm top-grade (according to M1735)

Any decent boiler or stove should work fine with our wood pellets, but you should check with your supplier to ensure that our specification meets the requirements of your equipment.

Wood-pellet standards, specifications, analysis, quality systems and accreditation

There is a lot of confusion and obfuscation in the market on the question of wood-pellet standards, specifications, analysis, quality management systems and accreditation. For instance, we have lost count of the number of times we have seen "pellets to EN 14961 standard" stipulated by clients and their consultants, without realising (apparently) that this is an essentially meaningless stipulation. It is in our interests and yours for there to be clarity on the meaning of terms, so that you know exactly what you need and what you are being offered (by us, and by less scrupulous suppliers who try to use this confusion to their advantage). To try to reduce the confusion, we have created a set of pages on what these terms actually mean.

Hopefully, you will discover from these pages why it is meaningless:

  • simply to reference a standard (like EN 14961) when describing the quality of wood pellets,
  • to compare the analysis of a sample of one supplier's wood pellets with the specification of other suppliers' wood pellets, and
  • to rely on a supplier's specification without knowing how far they can be relied on to (a) meet their specification and (b) implement the systems for handling, delivery, customer-support, etc. that are necessary accompaniments to the specification to ensure that the customer experience is as satisfactory as possible.