Why buy wood pellets from Forever Fuels?

Forever Fuels provides a service that is superior in many ways:

 Let us look after your fuel levels - monitored contracts with fixed price per tonne and guarantees not to let you run out.
 Legal for Trade weigh loaders on our pressurised tankers mean we can bill you for exactly the quantity you were delivered.
 No minimum order-size, Legal for Trade weighing, and multi-drop pricing options means small customers pay accurately for only what they need.
 The full ENplus-A1 service, with no derogations. Our tankers are equipped and our drivers are trained to make the best quality deliveries. Take a chance on a lower quality delivery if you don't mind problems with your boiler.
 The resilience of 15 specialist tankers running from a dozen depots around the UK, backed by thousands of tonnes of stock. Will your supplier be there when you need them?
 We clean the wood pellets to less than 1% fines at the point of loading. All our tankers are equipped with "dust extraction".
 Our network of local depots and trucks minimises the economic and environmental cost.
 The only wood pellet supplier with 4-wheeler tankers available in most parts of the country. Most of our 6-wheelers have rear-steer or lifting rear axle. We have snow tyres for strategic trucks, so we can get to you when you really need it.
 Our tankers and depots are designed and built specifically for supplying Wood Pellets. Our trucks never carry any other product than ENplus-A1 wood pellets.
 Our regional customer-services teams provide local advice and support. Our drivers will ring you when they are setting off, to let you know when they should arrive.
 Our bespoke Customer Data Management System lets us manage your account efficiently, and helps you to track your usage and plan ahead.
 Our business is exclusively focused on supplying top-quality wood pellets. It's all we carry in our trucks. We're not a coal merchant or animal-feed supplier or wood-chip producer, we are the UK's specialist wood pellet supplier.
 Most of our trucks meet the Euro V emissions standards, and our bespoke depots are fully contained to prevent emissions at loading.
 Our economies of scale and distributed infrastructure let us keep down the cost per tonne of supplying wood pellets to you whilst maintaining the highest quality. If you get a cheaper price, corners are being cut. Do you know the difference between cost and value?
 Backed by the substantial capital resources of the Summerleaze Group. Will your supplier still be supplying wood pellets when you need them?
 Specialist supplier of wood pellets since 2007. We introduced continental-style tankers to the British market in 2008. Summerleaze (our parent) has been investing successfully in renewable energy for 30 years.