What size are your wood pellets?

Forever Fuels supplies 6mm and 8mm (by diameter) wood pellets as standard. The diameter may vary by upto 0.5mm from the stated size.

Forever Fuels' premium wood pellets (recommended for non-industrial use) conform with the EN 14961-2 A1 European standard for the length: greater than 3.15mm and less than 40mm. One per cent by weight of the wood pellets may be upto 45mm in length. In practice, our Swedish wood pellets are generally quite short, which suits many fuel-handling systems. We encourage our other suppliers to keep the length down.

Locally-produced wood pellets will also mostly fall within this size specification, but there may be less consistency in the length of wood pellets from some smaller producers. Hence, they are often more suitable for industrial systems with more robust fuel-handling and burning technology.