Prices for bulk delivery of wood pellets

The following information relates to blown deliveries of high-grade (ENplus-A1) wood pellets.

If you have an account with us, you can lookup your current price for an ENplus blown delivery to your site by logging in to our Customer Data Management System (instructions on our Order Bulk page). If not, or if you have questions about the CDMS, contact our sales team to discuss prices for blown wood pellets.

Pricing your requirement

Our spot price for blown deliveries of bulk wood pellets consists of:

For an all-in bulk pellet price per tonne, talk to our local sales team about a contract inclusive of pellets, delivery, remote monitoring and automatic refilling of your store.

We can offer annual contracts or multi-year contracts with simple, transparent indexation. For many customers, this will be cheaper than our basic spot pricing, and it's the cheapest way for all customers to get the benefits of a DELOX wood pellet level sensor.

Whether on spot or under contract, you should be aware of our conditions of supply. Some of our terms and capabilities (such as billing by the exact delivered quantity, and no minimum size) mean that our price offers significantly better value for blown wood pellets than the same nominal price from most other suppliers. Our terms also set out the mistakes you should avoid, which can make it difficult for us to deliver and result in additional charges.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Spot pricing

Wood pellet prices

We are operating from a large number of sites around the country. The costs of stocking those sites varies according to their distance from the nearest quality producer of wood pellets and the price of pellets from that producer. Our bulk pellet prices reflect those costs, and therefore vary according to location and size of delivery.

To ensure that our price reflects your requirements as accurately as possible, contact our sales team to get a quote tailored to your needs.

Delivery prices

The further the wood pellets have to travel, the greater the cost of supplying blown wood pellets. We reflect these costs in our spot pricing through the delivery charge.

We can use large trucks for the lowest cost of haulage per tonne, to carry pellets from the factories to our depots. Our costs to the depot are built into the pellet price (see above). Your delivery charge is calculated from the depot, not from the factory. That way, our national network of depots helps to keep your costs down. See our Wood Pellets In Your Area section for our regional capabilities. We have the widest national coverage, so we can offer most customers on the British mainland a good deal.

Our delivery charge is less than the true cost of a standalone delivery from a fully-specced ENplus wood pellet tanker. The price assumes that we will be able to share deliveries between customers to a certain extent. If you are a larger customer, do not ask us to reduce the delivery charge if you share with a smaller neighbour. That is already priced in.

Our sales team will be pleased to provide you with the figures once we are fully aware of your requirements.

Shared deliveries

Although we aim to keep the cost of delivery as low as possible through our network of depots, the delivery charge can still sit heavily on the cost of smaller deliveries. That's simply the reality of the cost of sending out a wood pellet tanker to deliver a few tonnes rather than a full load.

If you take smaller deliveries (< 7 tonnes), we can help you to try to minimise that cost by sharing deliveries with other customers. We offer two ways of spreading the cost:

  1. Committed: 
    We will give you a schedule of reduced delivery charges, depending how many customers share a run. The delivery charge is lower if you share the run with another customer than if you book a standalone delivery, and lower still if you share with two other customers. If you know of people you could share with, let us know and we can set this up. If you don't know people to share with, but would still like to share, let us know, and we will see if we can find customers en route to share with you. We will schedule you for a delivery in the normal way, on a date that works for all of you, but with a reduced delivery charge.
  2. Ad hoc: 
    We quite often have a couple of tonnes left over on the truck from a large delivery. Let us know if you can be flexible about receiving deliveries, and we will put you on the list to notify you if we will be in your area with a couple of tonnes to spare. We would normally give you relatively short notice (a day or two), and unlike option (1) above, you would have no flexibility to agree a date - it's take it or leave it. We don't guarantee the quantity either - it's however much we have left over (if you can take it). We'll give you a flat price per tonne (including delivery) so you don't lose out if we only have a tonne to spare. That price will be very keen by the standards of a small delivery.

We make no guarantees that either of these options will be available when you need them. Let us know you are interested, and give us plenty of notice, and we will try to help you out, if you can't organise (1) yourself. But if neither you nor we can find someone to share with before you run out, you will have to pay the full cost for a dedicated delivery.

If you don't want to take the chance, and would rather have a fixed price per tonne (including delivery) that assumes we will share loads where appropriate, you can sign up for a contract instead. Under a contract, it's our problem to find people for you to share with - you get your fixed price per tonne whether the truck delivers a full load between several customers or just a few tonnes for you.

All-in, fixed price per tonne of wood pellets

Our inclusive contracts offer you all of our top-quality features, wrapped up in a deal that gives you:

  • a fixed price per tonne of wood pellets (including delivery) so it makes no difference to your cost how many tonnes you take on each delivery
  • a price that takes account of your estimated annual demand (i.e. applying volume discounts for larger customers)
  • a price that assumes we'll find people to share your deliveries with, where appropriate
  • remote monitoring, so you don't have to worry about your fuel level
  • no costs from incorrectly estimating your requirements (remote monitoring and Legal for Trade weigh loaders mean we can take care of that)
  • annual or multi-year contracts, with simple, transparent indexation

Agency deals

Our standard inclusive contracts are per site. But we can also offer an agency deal for those who want a contract to cover multiple sites. If you would like:

  • to aggregate several of your sites to share a volume discount across them, or
  • to be able to offer bulk wood pellet supply to your customers, without investing in the infrastructure to handle the deliveries,

contact our sales team to discuss the structure and systems we can offer to make this easy and attractive for you. 

What you get for your money


We are an accredited ENplus trader (i.e. supplier) of wood pellets - one of the few suppliers to have achieved ENplus accreditation in the UK. ENplus is the European wood pellet accreditation scheme. ENplus accreditation ensures that you get the required quality. 

See our Quality pages for the specification that you are getting for your price. We supply ENplus-A1 wood pellets - the highest quality available (exceeding and superseding DINplus, ÖNorm M-7137 and EN-14961-2 A1).

ENplus-A1 is more than a specification. It encompasses a set of requirements from the forest to your store to ensure that the pellets are of a consistently high quality at the factory (ENplus for producers) and that these pellets are delivered in a way that minimises deterioration (ENplus for traders). You cannot get the latter simply by buying from an ENplus-accredited producer. You need to have them supplied by an ENplus trader (i.e. accredited supplier), like Forever Fuels.

Pneumatic tankers

In accordance with the highest European standards, we use pneumatic tankers that are purpose-built to give the best results when blowing wood pellets. We have the largest fleet of these wood pellet tankers in the UK - more than all other UK suppliers put together, so you can have the option of the best standard of delivery from a tanker based at a depot near to you.

Legal for Trade

Our wood pellet tankers are equipped with Legal-for-Trade weigh-loaders, so we can bill you according to the exact amount delivered (to the nearest 20 kg), weighed at the point of delivery. This means that you know that you are getting what you are paying for, and don't pay for any more than we have delivered.

If your supplier's weigh-loader is not Legal for Trade, they should bill you according to the amount weighed onto the truck, whether or not you could take it all. If they bill you according to their uncertified weigh-loader, it may not give an accurate reading, and you could be over-charged without knowing it. That is why Trading Standards require that only certified LfT weigh loaders should be used for billing. We have delivered to sites where customers were convinced that their store could hold more than it really could, thanks to over-stated delivery measurements by previous suppliers.

A mis-measurement of only 200kg (e.g. 4% of a 5 tonne load) is equivalent to a secret charge of around £8/tonne. Inaccurate billing can cost you a lot more than you realise. With Forever Fuels, you have peace of mind that you will be charged for the exact quantity delivered.

Customer service

Our regional Account Managers provide local support. They will be happy to answer your queries.

When it comes to placing your orders and organising the deliveries, our service can be as personal or automatic as you like. Once we've setup an account for you, you can place your orders online, or by personal communication with one of our sales and order-administration team. We will provide various reminders to make sure you know when we are coming, and you can always speak to a real person in our office if anything is unclear.

Our drivers are specialists in wood-pellet delivery. They will be happy to explain what they are doing and advise on any issues or improvements that they notice. They will be even happier to chat if you make them a cupper to drink while they are doing the delivery.

Conditions of supply

Unlike many suppliers, we have no minimum size of delivery. Our Legal for Trade weigh loaders mean that we can bill you for however much you can take, which makes it easier to share loads with other customers. We will deliver a tonne if you are willing to pay for it. But this price structure means that the less you take, the more it costs per tonne. See Shared deliveries above for ways to mitigate this factor for smaller customers.

Our Legal for Trade weigh loaders also mean that you can be billed for the quantity delivered, not for the quantity ordered. And you know that what we bill you is the exact amount you have taken - the weigh-loaders are certified as accurate to 20kg by Trading Standards. Without Legal for Trade weigh-loaders, pellet suppliers either have to bill you for the quantity you ordered whether or not you could take it all, or find a calibrated weighbridge to weigh the balance before making the next delivery.

Spot-price terms

We retain the right to vary our spot pricing at any time. If you want a fixed price for the year, you should sign up for a contract. 

You will be charged a Cancellation Charge if you cancel or amend your order within 3 days of the scheduled delivery date.

We will charge you for delivery if we cannot gain access and park in a suitable place for the length of time needed to make the delivery.

You should therefore take care not to order too much and to ensure that our vehicle can get close enough to your store. See our Terms & Conditions for full details, and our Design Guide for advice.

To calculate the maximum delivery that you might require, assume that you will never wait until you are empty before ordering, so allow for deliveries being upto 80% of the capacity of your pellet store, and then use a figure of 0.6 tonnes/m³ for the fuel density. Roughly speaking, your largest delivery (in tonnes) will be half the capacity of your store (in m³). For example, if you have a 10 m³ store, your largest delivery may be around 5 tonnes.

But this is very rough, and your costs will be affected significantly by under- or over-estimating the quantity you need. There is a simple technical solution, to make sure you order the right amount at the right time: the DELOX level sensor. This provides both a simple visual indication of the fuel level locally, and the ability to monitor fuel levels remotely. You can buy a DELOX level sensor from us, or you can have one built in to an inclusive contract.

Inclusive-contract terms

The above additional charges and penalties do not apply to customers on an inclusive contract:

  • The delivery cost and volume discounts are built into the price upfront, so you get the benefit of your volume from the start.
  • There is no cost for over-ordering, because we'll take responsibility for delivering the amount you need. 
  • There is no charge for access problems, because we will have verified access to your site when we install the DELOX level sensor.

Speak to our local sales team, and they can send you a copy of the contract when they give you your price for an inclusive contract.

* * * * *

The information shown above is correct at the time of writing, but may have been superseded by the time you read this. We reserve the right to change our prices and terms. The prices and terms that apply to an order are those provided in the associated quote.