Permission granted for Capel Hendre depot

We have finally (6 months after applying) been granted permission to develop a depot at Capel Hendre in Carmarthenshire. Many thanks to J Evans Planning of Llandeilo for their persistent efforts to drag it to this point. There are a few more loose ends to tie up, but this is a major step towards opening a depot to serve South/West Wales from this autumn. 

The depot at Capel Hendre will be one of our bespoke units, designed from the ground up to provide all the facilities necessary to meet the requirements of the European wood-pellet accreditation scheme, ENplus. Combined with our specialist pneumatic tankers, a depot at Capel Hendre will bring local ENplus-accredited blown deliveries to West Wales for the first time. Until now, the only options have been accredited deliveries from England, or local deliveries without all the features necessary to deliver ENplus-A1 pellets in the manner recommended by ENplus to give the best results, such as:

  • Pressurised tankers for less damage to the wood pellets during delivery
  • Powerful suction systems to minimise the escape of dust during delivery
  • Legal-for-Trade weigh-loaders, so you are billed accurately for the quantity delivered, large or small
  • Double-cleaning (screen and vacuum) at point of loading for minimal fines in the wood pellets on the truck
  • Sampling, inspection and temperature check on every load, to ensure quality is maintained
  • Used only for supplying ENplus-A1 quality wood pellets - pure and simple.

This is the type of delivery that most pellet boilers are designed to work with. Your boiler will run more efficiently with cleaner deliveries. More efficiency and accurate billing means better value. Now you will be able to have these benefits from a local service operating from Carmarthenshire.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is already encouraging people in the region to cut their fuel bills by switching from oil, LPG or electric to pellet heating. We will continue to support these early adopters by offering the full ENplus service that many of their systems require, at prices calculated as though we were already delivering from Capel Hendre, delivered from Ruthin or Avonmouth until our depot at Capel Hendre is up and running.

When Capel Hendre is up and running, you will continue to benefit from the resilience provided by the ability to supply into the region with multiple trucks from large quantities of stock at multiple sites such as Ruthin, Avonmouth and Middlewich. If your supplier uses one or two trucks from a single small stockpile fed by artics from a factory in the north of Scotland, you are always exposed to the risk that a crash, breakdown, sickness, bad weather or other problem could leave you without heat until things are back up and working again.

Heating fuel isn't the sort of product where you cross your fingers and hope it turns up. With Forever Fuels' new Capel Hendre depot, Dyfed, Glamorgan and Powys will have reliable, top-quality deliveries of ENplus-A1 pellets at competitive prices.

If you want to know more about our plans, capabilities and prices in South Wales, give us a ring on 01628 509690 or send us a message from the contact form on our South Wales page.