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Policy work

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* The reverse of this sheet is based on the national energy flowchart, produced by BERR and National Statistics, which can be downloaded in higher resolution and with supporting information from this page on BERR's website. Much of the data for the rest of this sheet are available from two essential publications for those interested in our energy systems: the International Energy Agency's Key World Energy Statistics 2008, and BP's Statistical Review of World Energy 2008. The World Nuclear Association's "Red Book" (Uranium: Resources, Production and Demand) is the most authoritative source for information on nuclear resources and consumption (although presented from a pro-nuclear perspective), but unfortunately is not available for free download like the previous statistical information. But a fair amount of information is available from the WNA's website, such as on this page. The data on biomass are drawn mostly from a study by Dr Kinya Sakanishi of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology, Japan.

EBEC Presentations

Bruno Prior's EBEC Presentation 2012 How renewable heat has been delivered in various countries - What policies have worked and where?

Emma Logan's (Compliance Manager) EBEC Presentation 2012 Practical recommendations for wood pellet handling and storage

Claire Hoyles's (Account Manager, North) Greenbuild/Ignition 2014 Biomass Procurement