DELOX Training Days

We recently ran training days on the Delox remote fuel monitoring equipment which proved to be a huge success. On these days we were joined by the MD of Delox Mr. Andreas Pfister and his commercial partner Mr. Stefan Kathmann where they provided us with an update of their latest products and also imparted their knowledge to a gathered group including representatives from well known equipment installers. 

This training involved both theory and practical elements of how the equipment works and the methods to be used when installing. We used actual storage silo's to outline the different elements leaving all involved in no doubt of what is required.

We also gathered together our own installers for updates on the new equipment providing them with a further knowledge base to work from.

All parties found the trainning very beneficial and further compounded the inherent benefits of the equipment in our minds. 

Delox allows the customer to be safe in the knowledge that their fuel store will not run empty as it's level is being constantly monitored with the added benefit of the improved logistical efficiency of the fuel supplier allowing them to offer the customer the best possible rates.