DELOX supply options

We can supply you with a DELOX level-sensor on the following bases:

  • Purchase

  • Hire

  • Inclusive contract for fuel and level-sensor

With the inclusive contract, Forever Fuels will take responsibility for delivering fuel when you need it, so you don't even have to think about it. For many inclusive customers, the level-sensor could end up costing little or nothing, as we set the logistical benefits against the cost of the unit.

We can also offer OEM deals for equipment installers to incorporate DELOX level-sensors in their packages.

The cost of the system depends on the site specifics (e.g. what type and how long the probe needs to be, whether an external alarm is required, etc.). The price to purchase a basic DELOX SiCon GSM system, including installation, might typically be around £1,900, plus a few pounds per month for the contract for the GSM card. Please contact our sales team or speak to our driver when we next deliver pellets to you, in order to arrange for a site assessment.