About Forever Fuels

Forever Fuels specialises in the distribution and supply of wood pellets for sustainable heating systems.

We provide premium-grade (ENplus-A1) wood pellets, delivered in bulk by bespoke pressurised tankers that can blow the wood pellets into your pellet-store. Or, for smaller installations, we can supply bagged ENplus-A1 wood pellets on 1-tonne pallets.

Forever Fuels offers nationwide, with more local coverage than any other British pellet-supplier. We will supply bulk and bagged wood pellets to most parts of Britain. With a dozen bases from Devon to Caithness and from Carmarthenshire to Suffolk, we continue to invest to extend our coverage and reduce the costs of delivery to as many parts of the UK and Ireland as possible.

Forever Fuels' focus is on quality and value. Prospective converts to wood-pellet heating need the confidence that they can obtain a reliable supply of pellets of a suitable quality at a decent price. Forever Fuels's investment in specialist trucks and depots (the only fleet in the UK operating to continental standards of equipment) ensures the best quality, whilst our extensive network reduces the distances that our delivery trucks travel from depot to customer and help to keep the cost down.

Quality depends on the whole supply chain, from harvesting the wood and producing the pellets, through storage and distribution, to the installation and operation of heating systems. Forever Fuels works closely with pellet-producers, hauliers, installers, customers, architects and other interested parties to make sure that wood-pellet heating is as straightforward an experience as possible.

Forever Fuels is part of the long-established and well-capitalized Summerleaze group. Customers and other partners can have confidence that we have the financial stability, vision, determination and long investment horizons to support this immature market to maturity, providing a secure source of wood-pellet fuel for the long-term.