Clean-Out Service for Wood Pellet Stores | Forever Fuels

Forever Fuels has three sucker/blower tankers, located in the South West, North West and North East. Each truck is divided into two compartments, so it can be partly filled with pellets for delivery, and partly left empty to suck pellets into.

Our service will remove the remaining fuel in a store and replace it with clean pellets. In this way, you can clean the fines from the store without having any significant downtime.

In summer, the cleaning service costs £750 + VAT per day if we are just removing the remaining fuel and £500 + VAT per day if we are removing the remaining fuel and re-delivering at the same time. In winter, the cost is higher because the trucks are busy with deliveries.

Once the store is empty, we will cover the auger/suction point(s) with high-grade bagged wood pellets. This will ensure that the starting concentrations of fines in the auger are minimal and hopefully avoid large concentrations of fines from beneath the impact mat from flooding the auger/suction point(s) after the first blown delivery. We can provide these at an additional cost.

Wood pellet suction truck

The tanker can suck over a longer distance than the existing suction tippers, but there are still practical limits to the distance that the pellets can be transported. We will learn the limits in operation, and they will depend partly on the site layout (e.g. gradients and bends), but more than 20 metres may be difficult.

We can remove up to 6.5 tonnes, and deliver up to 6.5 tonnes if the truck is in dual suck/blow mode (it can also be used for simple deliveries of up to 13.5 tonnes).

You will want to avoid removing large quantities of fuel, as every tonne that we remove will have a net cost to you. The most cost-effective option will be to plan well ahead, judging the preceding deliveries to get the store reasonably low on the appointed date, and try to find other people in the area to share the service with.

You will have to provide the necessary access. Our driver will turn up and suck the pellets through whatever aperture is provided, so long as it is big enough (at least 200 mm across in each direction). He will suck to whatever point can be conveniently reached through that aperture.

Cleaning out a wood pellet store

If you need the driver to get inside the store to remove all the pellets, you will have to (a) provide a large enough aperture that it is easy to get in and out, and (b) take all the steps mentioned above to ensure the driver’s safety. If your store has a sloping floor, it may be difficult to stand in the store once most of the pellets have been removed. The driver may have to stand outside for the last remnants, which could mean that any remnants that cannot be reached from outside will not be removed.

The aperture should already be open when our driver arrives, so the store has had a chance to ventilate. Our driver will not unscrew or unbolt anything to gain access, nor will he re-attach and re-seal a hatch that requires several bolts and a silicon seal. The only type of access hatch that our driver will open and close is one that conforms with the EPC storage and handling design guide.

The suction tanker is a 6-wheeler. If a 6-wheeler cannot get close enough to your silo to be able to suck out the pellets, we cannot offer the service.

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