Can I get a price for a blown delivery of loose wood pellets? | Forever Fuels


The minimum we will need to know to give you a price for a blown delivery of wood pellets is:

  • Approx. tonnes required
  • Postcode
  • When you would like the delivery (e.g. approx. date, "next week", "ASAP", "next month", etc)
  • Contact details to get back to you (email address and/or phone number)

Other factors may affect the price and availability. Our price will assume no special requirements unless you mention them.

We only require the approximate tonnage required, because the Legal for Trade weigh-loaders on our pressurised tankers enable us to bill you for exactly the quantity that you take. The price will be adjusted according to the tonnage of wood pellets that you take, on the basis of an adjustment factor (price per tonne) that is set out in your order confirmation.

There is no minimum tonnage, but the smaller the delivery, the more expensive it will work out per tonne.

It is useful to mention the following things:

  • Do you already have an account with us (and ideally the account number, but we can probably work it out from the postcode if you don't have it)
  • Do you have any access limitations (e.g. are you limited to smaller vehicles, and if so, which types - baby tanker only, all 4-wheelers, 4- or 6-wheelers, etc.). If you don't know which types of vehicle can access your site, mention any: 
    • height restrictions,
    • weight restrictions,
    • width restrictions,
    • tight turning circles,
    • length restriction on the parking space,
    • whether the truck can turn round where it parks, or if it has to back up to the parking place and if so, how far it has to back up
  • Timing restrictions (e.g. do you need an early or late delivery?)
  • Do you want to be quoted for only British wood pellets (this may significantly increase the price)
  • Do you need the store to be cleaned out before the delivery? An additional charge applies. If possible, get this done in summer. The clean-out service is very expensive in winter. The clean-out service depends on your store having suitable access.

We can give you a quote regardless of whether you have an account with us. But you will have to open an account with us before you can place an order. We will require further information about your system to open the account.


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