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Posted on Feb 7, 2017

Pellet store for blown deliveries in Windhager training room

Visitors to our site may have read a story about an absurd claim by a customer that his Windhager engineer told him that the pellets he was using (supplied by a competitor of ours) must be horse bedding because he had horseshoe clinker.

This claim was put to us as some sort of justification for how the customer's experiences showed that there was a problem with our pellets, ignoring the facts that:

He was using someone else's pellets and still getting a problem, The pellets he was using were not horse bedding, and even if they were, Verdo's horse pellets are the same pellets as their fuel pellets, and The causal relationship that leads from horse bedding (if it had been) to horseshoe clinker is not exactly clear.

The customer also claimed that the Windhager engineer told him that there could be no other explanation for his problems than that his pellets were dusty (...

A conspiracy against the public

Posted on Dec 28, 2016

Changes in the forest inventory in the west and east of the USA

Tim Worstall has posted a criticism of UK energy policy and of the sustainability of the international wood pellet trade in a blog piece for the Adam Smith Institute . The usually-excellent Tim is only half right in this case.

His main point - there should be a single price for carbon and no other interventions - is absolutely right, as usual.

The sections where he quotes from the Salon article on "Whitewashing forests" as though it is in some way authoritative are beneath his usual standards.

Dirtier than coal

It might put into perspective the " dirtier than coal " argument regurgitated in the Salon article, that it came initially from those paragons of economic rationality, the pseudo-environmental NGOs (specifically the RSPB, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace).

Biomass was traditionally treated as essentially carbon-neutral on the basis that the...

Record Month for November

Posted on Dec 5, 2016

The Forever Fuels team has had a busy November supplying over 6000 tonnes of ENplus Grade (A1) wood pellets to our lovely customers up and down the country, making it our best November yet for tonnes supplied!

Nigel fires them up

Posted on Nov 28, 2016

LM61 HMC delivering to development

This beautiful development urgently needed a delivery of wood pellets, so they could get the heating on and accelerate the drying of the interior.

Although this is our busy time of year, Chris (our southern-region Transport Planner) managed to get them a delivery within two days of ordering.

With our fleet of over 30 tankers , we are likely to have a truck in your area sooner or later, and it so happened that Nigel was delivering to this area in the near future, and was able to add this order to his round. The developers were very pleased to see him.

Biomass heating has suffered from a radical reduction in government support, particularly for smaller systems. Although millions of small wood pellet boilers and stoves are deployed on the continent, the UK government seems to believe that British architects, developers, heating-engineers, and property owners (...

Not that kind of pellet!

Posted on Nov 24, 2016

Google Merchant Center's categorisation of our wood pellets!

Our bagged wood pellets disappeared off Google Merchant Center (the place where the products are listed that you see near the top of the page when you search for wood pellets).

Google's algorithm's had made a somewhat eccentric assessment of the nature of our products. See the photo. I am not going to use the words in this post, in case Google's search algorithms take them as some kind of confirmation that our products do indeed fall into this category somehow.

I discussed how this might have occurred with one of Google's support technicians, who was perfectly pleasant but couldn't think of a reasonable explanation.

There is no possibility of sabotage, apparently. This is purely down to their algorithms. There is no human input (until a problem is flagged).

He picked up on the word "pellet", which of course is used in other contexts besides wood...

Dust Sucker

Posted on Sep 3, 2016

Bruno's wood pellet boiler with day hopper housing pulled back

We had no hot water this morning.

With my deep technical knowledge based on many years' experience in the wood pellet industry, I pulled back the housing on our pellet boiler's day hopper, and gave it a good kicking.

Now we have hot water again.

That isn't how this kind of problem would normally go.

Normally, the customer would see errors like "High O2" and "Ignition failure" on the boiler's control panel, and would assume that this was a boiler fault. They would ring their equipment supplier or service agent, and would get one of two responses:

"It must be the fuel. Ring the fuel supplier." "We'd bettter come and have a look at it", followed (possibly days later) by one or more chargeable visit, and then eventually "It must be the fuel. Ring the fuel supplier."

You may be thinking: "He had to kick the hopper to get the fuel to flow. The...

Jack Frost is coming - are you prepared?

Posted on Jan 8, 2016

Wood pellets are coming

Winter is coming"...... albeit a little later than we expected. On the back of the mildest December since records began it may be about time to reach for those thicker pair of socks as forecasts predict nighttime temperatures, next week, to dip below freezing! As the bitter cold finally catches up with us our advice is to check your fuel store to make sure you have sufficient supplies of wood pellets to cope with the fast approaching frigid weather.

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