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Screwed up?

Posted on Sep 6, 2017

I recently had an in-depth discussion with a customer about their new biomass boiler and second hand store. The customer purchased a used 3 tonne metal store and auger with the intention of extending its capacity to 6 tonnes and rebuilding it in his garage. Through the re-build the customer discovered a range of issues with the store which eventually were resolved working closely with the manufacturer’s engineer.

As metal stores are so popular we thought it would be useful to share our customer’s experiences.

“The original store had been used outdoors and had signs of water ingress internally. The auger spiral was jammed and would not rotate. In addition, the plastic auger pipe had been snapped at some time and had been poorly repaired.

The rebuild revealed that some of the design had been updated by the manufacturer. The roof design had been...

Spring Snow in Scotland

Posted on Mar 21, 2017

East Kilbride depot snow

Our Scotland drivers Phil and Vic were surprised to arrive at our East Kilbride depot this morning to find quite a covering of snow on the ground, tankers and depot. However they are still out making their deliveries slowly but surely!

Further down south at our Fishburn (Durham) depot drivers Kevin and Paul regretted not coming to work in their shorts this morning due to the glorious sunshine and blue skies!

Biomass Heat: The Seasonal Solar Storage Technology [The Unexpurgated Version]

Posted on Mar 8, 2017

Pimlico accumulator tower
The Establishment's plans to electrify our heat supplies are incompatible with low-carbon electricity generation. Biomass heat offers the best option for storing renewable energy when it is produced and releasing it when the heat is needed.

The truth about biomass and deforestation

Posted on Mar 1, 2017

Picture of trees

Limiting deforestation and managing the level of global forest reserves presents a significant opportunity to tackle global emissions, as afforestation and reforestation increases carbon stock in trees and soil, removing carbon from the atmosphere. The FAO 2015 global forest resource assessment estimates that 296 Giga Tonnes (Giga = Billion, i.e. 10 9 ) of carbon is present in global forests [1], equating to approximately 8 times the global level of carbon emissions in 2014[2]. With a significant quantity of carbon stored in forests, their role as carbon sinks, and thus their role in limiting the exchange of carbon to the atmosphere, becomes increasingly apparent.

The FAO has produced an extensive forest resources assessment every five years since 1990, revealing a 25-year perspective on the health of global forests. The 2015 report reveals that SFM has gained momentum in...


Posted on Feb 7, 2017

Pellet store for blown deliveries in Windhager training room

Visitors to our site may have read a story about an absurd claim by a customer that his Windhager engineer told him that the pellets he was using (supplied by a competitor of ours) must be horse bedding because he had horseshoe clinker.

This claim was put to us as some sort of justification for how the customer's experiences showed that there was a problem with our pellets, ignoring the facts that:

He was using someone else's pellets and still getting a problem, The pellets he was using were not horse bedding, and even if they were, Verdo's horse pellets are the same pellets as their fuel pellets, and The causal relationship that leads from horse bedding (if it had been) to horseshoe clinker is not exactly clear.

The customer also claimed that the Windhager engineer told him that there could be no other explanation for his problems than that his pellets were dusty (...

A conspiracy against the public

Posted on Dec 28, 2016

Changes in the forest inventory in the west and east of the USA

Tim Worstall has posted a criticism of UK energy policy and of the sustainability of the international wood pellet trade in a blog piece for the Adam Smith Institute . The usually-excellent Tim is only half right in this case.

His main point - there should be a single price for carbon and no other interventions - is absolutely right, as usual.

The sections where he quotes from the Salon article on "Whitewashing forests" as though it is in some way authoritative are beneath his usual standards.

Dirtier than coal

It might put into perspective the " dirtier than coal " argument regurgitated in the Salon article, that it came initially from those paragons of economic rationality, the pseudo-environmental NGOs (specifically the RSPB, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace).

Biomass was traditionally treated as essentially carbon-neutral on the basis that the...

Record Month for November

Posted on Dec 5, 2016

The Forever Fuels team has had a busy November supplying over 6000 tonnes of ENplus Grade (A1) wood pellets to our lovely customers up and down the country, making it our best November yet for tonnes supplied!
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