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The wood pellet supplier that cares for you

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Forever Fuels Account Manager with Client

Our experienced Account Managers will answer your questions about wood pellet delivery, storage and handling

Our friendly office team will take your wood pellet orders by phone or email, and keep you updated on your delivery

Order your wood pellets anytime, anywhere with our online Customer Portal, and check the status and history of your orders

Our dedicated HGV drivers are experts at blowing wood pellets. They will let you know their ETA and talk you through the process

Surprisingly good value

We are known for our quality and service, but you might be pleasantly surprised by our prices.

Bulk Wood Pellets


Request a quote for a blown delivery of wood pellets

Top-Up Service

Small blown deliveries of wood pellets can be expensive. But we sometimes have a little spare from larger deliveries.

If you can be flexible on your timing, we will let you know when we will be in your area with some spare pellets, and if you can take some, we can offer you a better price than for a small dedicated delivery.

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Clean-Out Service

To avoid problems, and comply with European Pellet Council guidelines, your wood pellet store should be cleaned out at least every fifth delivery and every other year.

Forever Fuels has three suction tankers that can remove the dregs safely, and deliver clean pellets immediately after the clean-out, to minimise the interruption to your heating.

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Bagged Wood Pellets

We received the following communication from our pallet haulier on 8 Nov 2017. It clarifies the existing situation with regard to pallet deliveries. It is clear from their experience and ours that many customers expect a different service. There has also been no resolution of the critical safety issues that we highlighted a long time ago. Consequently, we are suspending sales of bagged pellets until the situation is resolved.


We have been dealing with a lot of issues recently with private address deliveries. These are not necessarily your consignments, but I am contacting you regardless, in order to formalise our policy.

Our policy on all deliveries is that they are to the kerbside only. This is a rule that all pallet networks abide to. All drivers will assess each delivery on its merits, and will try and help your customer where possible, however this should be treated as an exception to the rule.

The previous driver may well have dragged the pallet down a 150m gravel driveway into Mrs. Smith’s shed in her back garden, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the next driver 2 months down the line will do the same, so please, do not sell this as a guaranteed service to your customers.

We also require accurate information on access. The smallest vehicle offered by The Pallet Network is a 7.5 tonne. This can be likened to a skip lorry, or bin wagon. We only require access to the end of the public highway, and again, deliveries beyond this will be at the driver/depot discretion. Again, just because a driver managed to get a vehicle up there 2 months ago, it does not mean todays driver will.

Local To You

Forever Fuels has invested in more wood pellet depots across the country than any other supplier. Local deliveries mean that we can be more responsive to you, and minimise the carbon footprint of your wood pellets.

Operating Centres

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Our Vital Statistics


296,646 tonnes

Wood pellets supplied since 2007

1,453,565 MWh

Equivalent to 145,356,540 litres of oil

385,659,972 kg CO2

Saved (= CO2 p.a. from 68,868 homes)

43,849 Deliveries

(Blown) and 12,876 Pallets

6,839 Sites Served

from Caithness to Cornwall

70 Years Combined

in Wood Heat (169 in Renewables)

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