Quality Wood Pellets at Competitive Prices

Wood pellets are a convenient, renewable alternative to gas, oil and electricity for heating, and to straw and shavings for animal bedding.

Forever Fuels is the leading specialist supplier of top quality (ENplus A1) virgin-fibre wood pellets, for use as a renewable heating fuel in wood pellet boilers and stoves, or for bedding.

Forever Fuels is delighted to have won Company of the Year at the 2015 British Renewable Energy Awards. It is recognition of the leading role that we have played in making wood heating one of the UK's renewable success stories.

The judges were impressed with the scale of our unique investment to provide local supplies of wood pellets across the UK, the growth rate associated with that investment (80% Year-on-Year for 3 successive years) and our group's leading role in energy policy over 30 years.

We offer Legal for Trade blown deliveries of bulk wood pellets from the largest fleet of specialist tankers operating from local depots across the UK, and pallets of bagged wood pellets for manual handling (e.g. for stoves and bedding).

For information on our competitive spot prices for blown or bagged wood pellets, see our Wood Pellet Prices pages. For an easy option, which may also save you money, speak to us about our fixed-price, inclusive contracts (with multi-year options), where we monitor your wood pellets remotely and keep you topped up as required.

If you want to buy wood pellets, or if you have any other enquiries, phone us on 01628 509690 or send us a message, to order wood pellets today.

Why buy your Wood Pellets from Forever Fuels?

  • How do you know when to re-order?

    Let us take care of your fuel, with remote monitoring via a DELOX level sensor.

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  • How do you know you've received what you've been charged for?

    Our trucks are certified Legal for Trade.

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  • Can you order as little as you want?

    We have no minimum order size for blown wood pellet deliveries, and can bill you accurately and legally for part-load deliveries.

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  • Are you getting the full ENplus A1 service?

    Our equipment and systems are specified to comply fully with the ENplus A1 standard, including gauged weigh-loaders and suction for active venting.

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  • Can you rely on your wood pellet supplier to deliver when you need it?

    Our extensive stock of wood pellets and network of tankers and depots mean you can rely on us.

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  • How does your supplier minimise dust?

    We screen our wood pellets thoroughly before loading, and use pressurised tankers with suction for active venting.

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  • Did your wood pellet delivery come far?

    Our network of local depots and trucks minimises the economic and environmental cost.

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  • Will your wood pellet supplier always get to you?

    Our rear-steer, 3-axle tankers will get to most sites, and we also have 2-axle tankers and snow tyres.

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  • Is your supplier's equipment fit for purpose?

    Our tankers and depots are designed and built specifically for supplying Wood Pellets.

  • Who do you speak to if you have a query or a problem?

    Our regional customer-services teams can provide local advice and support.

  • How easy is it to manage your fuel?

    Our bespoke Customer Data Management System lets us manage your account efficiently, and helps you to track your usage and plan ahead.

  • Is your supplier focused on top-quality wood pellets?

    It's all we do, it's all we think about, and it's all we ever have in our trucks (i.e. no contamination risk).

  • Are you minimising your indirect emissions?

    Most of our trucks meet the Euro V emissions standards, and our depots are fully contained to prevent emissions at loading.

  • Are you getting value for your money?

    You don't want to go cold, so we won't compromise on quality. But our economies of scale mean you get our strengths for a competitive wood pellet price.

  • Will your supplier still be around when you need them?

    We are part of the Summerleaze Group, supported by its substantial capital resources and commitment to long-term investment.

  • Does your supplier know what it takes?

    We were one of the first specialist Wood Pellet suppliers, and our parent, Summerleaze Ltd, has been investing successfully in renewable energy for nearly 30 years.

Further information

We have detailed information on various aspects of wood pellet heating in PDF format available on our Downloads page, including:

Design Guide
Info on our trucks (e.g. length, width, height, weight, turning circle, blowing distance etc), how we deliver, and suggestions for how your system should be designed to minimise potential problems.
The specification of the wood pellets that we supply (ENplus A1) and the steps we take to ensure we offer the best quality service.
Depots and distribution
The locations of the factories and depots that we supply from around the country, and some info on our fleet of specialist pressurised tankers.

The main sections of the website are linked directly from the menu below our logo:

Why Us?
Forever Fuels' unique capabilities as a supplier of wood pellets
The specification of the wood pellets we supply, and how we ensure the quality of our product and service
The cost of wood pellets, support for pellet heating, and what to do to request a quote or place an order
In Your Area
Our infrastructure - where we operate from and deliver to

Besides the main sections, under More Info, you will also find a number of other sections, including:

Frequently Asked Questions about wood pellets and Forever Fuels (and their answers)
The environmental impact of wood pellet heating, and what we do to minimise it
Contact details for some companies who can supply equipment for wood pellet heating
Information on the DELOX SiCon level sensor and remote monitoring system for wood pellet fuel stores
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